About The Artist

Melissa Schmidt’s glass studio is in her back yard in Saint Louis, Missouri. Raised in Hawaii and San Francisco she has always felt at home in the artistic world. 

She is prolific in her glass jewelry. Recently her work has included sculptures as memorials. Love of working small and past life interior design principles of scale, texture, balance and color inform her compositions.  She is known for her whimsical feminine aesthetic and soft palette. Her incorporation of unusual materials such as 35 mm slide film, papers and natural materials within the glass bubbles are just the tip of her vast mixed medium artillery.  Her pieces are built to last and as strong as they are beautiful.

Melissa's work has been included in the Racine Art Museum’s 50 years of studio glass exhibition, SOFA Chicago and is being represented by Rebecca Myers Collection in Baltimore, Maryland, Gravers Lane Gallery in Philadelphia, PA. , Bubble Street Gallery in Sausalito and Montague Glass Gallery in San Francisco.